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Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs

Following the recently published Circular Letter concerning homeworking expense allowance, the Belgian Ruling Office has published a statement on the 19th of August in this respect. As stated in our newsflash of 17th of July , employers can grant a lump sum allowance for home office expenses to their employees equal to EUR , Recently, the Belgian tax authorities issued an administrative guideline in relation to the COVID measure which was introduced by the law of July 15, containing various tax provisions on the partial exemption of transferring Belgian withholding taxes. Employers — who have made use of the temporally unemployment for at least one employee during a. On July 15 the European Commission adopted its tax package for fair and simple taxation. It contains. We noticed that lately the Tax authorities, in a coordinated effort, addressed notifications of ex-officio assessment to corporate taxpayers that did not yet file the corporate income tax return for Assessment year or that filed the return late. If no return has been filed yet, the company can be assessed on a lump sum.

Timeline of Belgian history

The Belgian VAT rates are:. Contact us to get help with the analysis of VAT rates on products sold by your business across Europe. As a general rule, input VAT can only be claimed where the expenses are directly linked to the business activity of the company. In addition, an invoice must be generated according to Belgian invoicing rules and all other VAT return formalities must be met. There are a number of items where the tax authorities only allow VAT deduction up to a certain limit.

As of March 18, , the Belgian federal and regional governments imposed a set of go to work (subject to the rules on teleworking and social distancing day preceding the effective date of the temporary suspension and.

Separate and distinct legal entity. Two types of board structures can be chosen, ie, monistic board structure or dualistic board structure. In the event the monistic board structure is chosen, the public limited company can be managed by either:. The collegial board is responsible for making major business decisions and overseeing the general affairs of the company. Managing directors or general managers , who run the day-to-day operations of the company, are appointed by the directors.

The sole director has to be a public limited company with a collegial board when:. The dualistic board structure needs to be provided for in the articles of association and consists of a board of supervision and an executive board. The board of supervision is a collegial board of at least three members and is elected by the shareholders of the company. Members of the board of supervision cannot at the same time be members of the executive board.

The board of supervision is responsible for the general policy and strategy of the public limited company and has reserved competences. The executive board is a collegial board of at least three members. Members of the executive board are appointed by the members of the board of supervision.

Dating site for seniors in Belgium

The people of the south were mainly Flemings speakers of low Franconian dialects and Walloons speakers of langue d’oil dialects. Both peoples were traditionally Roman Catholic as contrasted with the largely Protestant Dutch Reformed people of the north. Many outspoken liberals regarded King William I’s rule as despotic. There were high levels of unemployment and industrial unrest among the working classes.

Notes on Individual Rules under the Japan-Belgium Social Security Agreement. Last updated date:3 23

Check the vaccines and medicines list and visit your doctor at least a month before your trip to get vaccines or medicines you may need. You should be up to date on routine vaccinations while traveling to any destination. Some vaccines may also be required for travel. Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines before every trip. These vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella MMR vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella chickenpox vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot.

Ask your doctor what vaccines and medicines you need based on where you are going, how long you are staying, what you will be doing, and if you are traveling from a country other than the US. Hepatitis A outbreaks occur throughout the world and sometimes in countries with a low risk for hepatitis A including the US.

It’s a date: Tinder tips from a Belgian online dating expert

What does shake-up of EU data laws really mean? Makers of the popular dating app Tinder have been accused of breaching EU rules by recording the personal data of its users without explicit consent. Marc Tarabella, a Belgian politician and Member of the European Parliament MEP , says the app does not appropriately warn users of what data it is able to access.

The MEP has called for an investigation into Tinder’s practices.

Document date: – Online date: electricity. No improvement in access rules applying to the France-Belgium interconnection: CRE calls.

If you work as an employee on board a sea-going vessel flying the flag of either Japan or Belgium, you will be subject only to the social security systems of the country in which your employer is located. The procedure to apply for your Certificate of Coverage under this rule is the same as it is for general employees.

If you work as an employee in Japan and work as a self-employed person in Belgium at the same time, your employed activity in Japan will be considered as an employed activity in Belgium. If you work as an employee on an aircraft in international traffic, you will be subject only to the social security system of the country in which your employer is located. If you continue to work as a detached worker or a self-employed person in the other country for more than 5 years because of unforeseeable reasons or specific circumstances that may cause significant damage to your company or you, you may be granted extension of the period of exemption for up to 1 year or 2 years if you have exceptional reasons.

In this case, you continue to remain subject only to the system in your original country where you are detached from. If your application for the extension is not granted, you will be covered only by the system of the country in which you work during the period exceeding the initial 5 years. As to the general old-age and survivors’ benefit under the Belgian pension system, there is no minimum coverage period requirement to qualify for the benefits. Therefore, you will be eligible for the Belgian benefit even if your Japanese coverage period is not considered.

However, if you apply for Belgian early benefits from age 60, you will be required 35 years coverage period that you have worked as an employee or self-employed in Belgium. In order to meet the coverage period requirement for the early benefits, your Japanese coverage period will be considerd. As to the invalidity benefits of Belgium, there are coverage period requirements to qualify for the benefits and then your Japanese coverage period will be considered.

Belgian ESL Returns

The National Security Council met on August 20 th in order to discuss the further measures. These measures are described in the Prime Minister’s press release of August 20 th The following points are important for foreign diplomatic missions, consular posts and international organisations. It is generally advised to observe the officially announced measures and to demonstrate common sense. Everyone has the individual and collective responsibility to respect these principles.

While 15 June – the proposed date – is a seemingly impossible time to think that people sometimes will, sometimes won’t follow the rules.

Are you an employer sending an employee to work in Belgium? Are you a self-employed person travelling to Belgium for work in Belgium? In either case, you are required to fill in the mandatory declaration known as the Limosa declaration. Failure to make this declaration exposes you to criminal or administrative sanctions. The Belgian State wishes to create a more attractive environment for the processing of posted workers in Belgium.

Particular attention is given to their rights and working conditions. In this regard, the obligation to file a Limosa declaration has been in force since 1 April Filling in a Limosa declaration simplifies your administrative obligations in Belgium, including for:.

Belgian legislation

Before continuing your reading, please note:. Iceland mandatory test or quarantine. Latvia quarantine.

This is a timeline of Belgian history, including important legal and territorial changes and , 1 February, Traditional date of the first apparition of Our Lady of Tongre. the Belgians. 2–12 August, Ten Days’ Campaign: Dutch attempt to re-establish rule over Belgium fails, but Dutch forces retain control of Antwerp Citadel.

Filter these documents by topic. Constitutionality of the ban of political, philosophical or religious symbols in a school of higher education in order to create a neutral environment. Is the fact that the law provides that there is no difference in the lump sum damages for direct and indirect discrimination, constitutional? New Regulations fixing conditions to adopt positive actions to remedy inequalities based on all grounds covered by the federal anti-discrimination legislation.

Burkini ban in swimming pools is unlawful according to two first instance judgments of the Tribunal of Gent. Judgment of the Labour Court which recognises for the first time that the consequences of a cancer can, in certain circumstances, be constitutive of a disability which compels the employer to provide for reasonable accommodation.

The Expert Commission for the assessment of the Anti-discrimination Federal Acts delivered its first annual report. The Belgian Court of Cassation rendered its judgment in the Achbita case following the ruling of the Court of Justice concerning the ban of wearing religious symbols at work. Maximum age as an occupational requirement not discriminatory according to the Belgian Council of State.

European Equality Law Network European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination. Non-discrimination law Emmanuelle Bribosia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Gender equality law Nathalie Wuiame This email address is being protected from spambots.

Healthcare for UK nationals living in Belgium

If you decide on expanding your activities into another country, choosing the right approach is essential. Deciding to set up a branch right out of the gate entails more than just incorporating an entity and requesting a taxpayer number. If you are also hiring personnel, it is not sufficient to set up a payroll administration system and pay social insurance premiums and taxes.

After all, all countries have supplementary schemes and rules mitigating certain employer and employee risks.

Other shops will be allowed to reopen from this date, although strict hygiene rules remain in place to minimize the risk of infection. Reopening.

As I will be travelling to Belgium and staying there for quite some time, i’m curious about the customs surrounding dating there. I’m wondering what Belgian dating typically looks like, and what types of signs men send to women. Also, what is considered proper Belgian dating ettiquette, i. Any tips that you have for me would be appreciated. Thank you. I guess my situation is not that diffrent from a Belgian of Morrocan, Italian, Asian origins.

Not the mixing up things but the dual culture. About paying, I’ve got some funny experiences. One of my Italian female friends got annoyed when she was “invited” by a guy for drinks as a date, since they were not friends at all at first place.

Tips on Dating Dutch men

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